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Headspace Progressive Web App Review

A look at the features and functions of the Headspace PWA.
Jessica Richards

We tested out the meditation app Headspace’s Progressive web app, to test it functionality as a PWA and how it compares to its native app.


Once the app is downloaded you are prompted to sign up or log in if you have an account, you can also log in with Facebook or Spotify. 


If you need any help downloading your PWA version, i gave a tutorial in my previous video which i’ll link here:


If you’re creating an account, it will ask you a few questions to personalise your experience, like topics you want to focus on most, if you have any experience in meditation and push notifications on when you might want to be reminded to do so. (which are also available on pwa’s)

After you’ve gone through this process you’re in the main page of the app, where you have all these different sections:

  • At the top is the current session that you are doing 
  • Below is the everyday headspace (that offers a new meditation every 24 hours)
  • Then your recommended, and recently played sessions. 

Moving along there is different selections below that, in the navigation bar such as:


Explore allows you to choose different topics that you might want to focus on, with featured sessions and different courses within it.


Last is your profile where you can track your progress, store your information and all the important stuff. 

So what are our thoughts after using it: 

On a user side you do have to have a membership to unlock most things, like more guided meditations within the app which can be very annoying. 

On a Progressive Web App point of view you can also get a version on the desktop, as well as the phone. It does have a few layout differences though. These being: 

  • These being not having a navigation bar below, or straightforward access to the sleep section available in the native app.(The same as the PWA version on the phone) 

Compared to the native app version there are a few differences in the way that you access things:

  • Like there being no designated sleep section compared to the native app, instead you can find sleep exercises in the singles section within discover. Where you can find guided meditations, music and soundscapes on different environments 
  • There is also a layout difference when is comes to your home page and icons within explore. That we don’t really know the reason to.

All that aside we really recommend giving headspace a go, it is a great app with a lot of features, specialising in mental health and general well being. And it is also fully functional as a Progressive Web App.