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We Tested out Hipfits Desktop PWA

A real look into desktop versions of PWA's .
Jessica Richards

Today we’re going to be testing out the Hipfit’s desktop Progressive web app version, to see if it’s fully functional as a PWA. Hipfit is a workout app offering micro workouts, to help fix posture and strain energy for people on the go. 


Once you have downloaded you app, you’re now able to open it onto your desktop as an application. The main section you first see has various different exercises that you can choose from, based around different environments and people, so this could be for office workers, boosting energy and even physical therapy. 

For example is you click onto Office Workers it has exercises that you can do sitting at your desk and out and around the office. If you then click onto Sitting at Desk  you can choose from one of the exercise options available, showing graphics explaining what you need to do and a description on it as well. 

You can then start a countdown, to let you know how long to do the chosen exercise for. This will then let you tick it as complete in your profile. 

Moving along you can also find different things to do by clicking on your browse button down the side. Which will take you to a page splitting the exercises into segments this being:

  • Activities
  • Life 
  • Interests 
  • Body and equipment. 

Allowing you to pick the right type of exercise for you based on what you have available, and what you may want it to help with. 

So after using the Hipfit desktop PWA what do we think?

  • It’s a great example of how progressive web apps made for different formats and platforms, and works really well as a desktop app. Being scalable to able to use on the side of your desktop amongst other windows if need be. 
  • However i do think it has a while to go in terms of accessibility, and making it more available in a mobile format and such to people. You do also have to pay for memberships once you have done all the free exercises available.

Other than that it is fully functional as a desktop PWA and has a lot of great features and exercises for everyone to try out, so let me know in the comments below if you give it a go.