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The two sides of the internet

Something that is often missed when planning an online business is how the site is found.
Alex Green

When a user finds your website, user experience is KING, get it right and you’re on to a winner. But the internet is a huge place now, how do we make sure your creation of beauty is found?

Content is KING, but marketing is queen and she runs the household

Simple checks to make include:

  • Are you on google maps?
  • Have you remembered to have the site indexed?
  • Is the site naturally engaging?

Google and the others have a job to do; they are here to show you what you are looking for on the first try. And guess what… they’re good at it. Quite frankly someone thinking they can trick Google into believing one site is more relevant than another is madness. The art is in the content; good content that is relevant to the topic, this way Google are happy to display your website when someone is searching for info on your topic.

And, of course Marketing.

The more people showing that your website is what they are looking for by vising it, the better it will perform in the rankings. This means that users can come from any direction needed, via social media, via an online directory or directly from a paper flyer handed out on the street.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. — Wendy Piersall