This is sustainably built.

The website, app or platform you just came from that has these badges has made considerable efforts to reduce the energy it uses.


This website emits just 0.05g of CO2 per viewAn average website emits 1.76gScroll down to find out why

Sustainably built website

The website or platform has executed sustainability considerations and standards during at the planning, design and development stages of production and is being monitored to maintain optimal performance and a low carbon impact.

Sustainably hosted website

The website or platform is being hosted on an energy efficient and green certified server.
This does not account for the quality and sustainability of the website coding or best practice followed in the setup or maintenance.

Get your badges

To obtain one of these badges you will need to have to be either hosting on our platform, for us to have developed and maintain your website or have had an audit of your website and hosting by our team.

Maintaining the badge is subject to a yearly or monthly review of the platform/ website to satisfy our levels of acceptance.

If you are keen to learn more and start to make your digital presence more sustainable book in a consultation call and we’ll guide you through the process.

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