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Starbucks Progressive Web App Review

What we can learn from the loyalty and ordering PWA.
Jessica Richards

We tested the Starbucks PWA to test it’s functionality, and see if it works as well as it’s native app.

First you’re going to want to download the app from the app store:

  1. Visit app.scope
  2. Food and drink
  3. Then Starbucks icon should be right there
  4. We’re going to click launch app, and it will appear in your home screen.

For non android users, we’ve actually tested this on iPhone, but at the moment it doesn’t have the full viewing capabilities of a PWA just yet.

Once you open the app you’re going to want to sign in, or create an account if you haven’t got one, then you’re greeted with the main section of the app. This has a points system to earn rewards and discounts from buying items, which you can redeem in store or within the app.

Then along the top are different sections this being:


Where you can add money into your account, and a type of payment you want to add like Apple Pay. You’re also able to set an amount to add into your account, so you can stay within a budget and not spend over it.


Next is orders where you can choose what you want to order. There are lots of different drinks and foods to choose from, and there is even a previous and favourites tab. (Where you can add previous orders and such straight to your basket, making the whole process a lot quicker.)


Gift Cards
Moving along you have gift cards, where you can buy and customise different types of gift cards for people.


Then Stores which show the closest store to you, to order your items too.

As you can see there are a lot of different features, all mostly the same to its native app. So after taking a look at all the features the app had to offer, we took it upon us to actually go through the real test of ordering something.

To do this you go onto the drinks section and select the item that you want (where you can also choose flavours and different add ons, to basically customise your drink.) Then you confirm the store you want to pick up your item from and that’s it.

So after testing out the Starbucks PWA there were a few things we realised such as:

  • When creating an account you want to be careful of the region you select, as you can very easily choose say The United States and it’s really hard to change. (This all affects your ordering process for your drink, and general usability of the app.)
  • Next is the layout is slightly different in the native app, like the icons at the top are actually at the bottom, and there are a few more drinks available on the native app to order that you can’t on the Progressive Web App.

Despite all this it is fully functional as a Progressive Web App and you’re able to use it, and we definitely recommend that you give it a go for yourself.