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Progressive Web apps (PWA)

The full power of the web for all connected devices, desktop, tablet, mobile, watches, TVs, cars, fridges... you get the picture.


There’s so much more the web offers, more opportunities, more power and more functionality. Experiences delivered through Progressive Web Applications.

You no longer need to settle for a brochure website and continue to carry out processes manually or offline. Let’s automate, streamline and improve!

The power of Progressive Web Apps


So what is a web app?

Web apps are programs that run on your browser rather than downloaded to your desktop. You’ve probably used many web apps already such as web mail, google docs etc. They’re quickly become more powerful, more feature rich and blurring the lines between native apps on mobile, with the emergence of Progressive Web Apps.


The relationship between us, is as important to the process and outcome as the design and development of the web app.


So what can we build together?

It’s pretty limitless what can be achieved through web applications We’ve built scheduling systems, an SMS reminder platform, file repository, eLearning programmes and a clinical trial tracker. What ever your process, either client facing or internal there is an opportunity to automate, streamline and improve it.

One of our latest projects took an old paper based appraisal system into the digital world, reducing the time taken to carry out an assessment, while improving efficiency and quality of reporting. Check out End Of to see how we did this.

Integrations play a big part in automating web apps, with payment gateways such as paypal and stripe allows purchasing, while Xero gives you the chance to streamline even further.

Have a chat with one of the team and explore what web apps could do for your business.