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How we're becoming more sustainable

Our journey into sustainability and the changes we are making.
Jessica Richards

The past year we have made it our mission to be more sustainable in the way we run our business, by doing more things that make a genuine difference to our everyday lives and the planet.

Being sustainable has never been more important than it is today, from an environmental, economic and social viewpoint. We all need to do our part to help, and small changes can make a massive difference. 

Here are some of the things we have been implementing: 

Remote working

Remote working can not only save time and money, it can also have environmental benefits. By reducing the number of daily commutes, it helps lower the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re in a time where working remotely is easier than ever, and there are so many online platforms that can help employees stay connected. The team uses the Google suite for file sharing, Slack for team communications and Asana for project management.

Reusable items

The team uses reusable coffee cups/ water bottles instead of using single-use items.

Did you know single-use coffee cups can be very hard to recycle, and that 7 million disposable coffee cups are thrown away each day.


Recycling our E-Waste

This year we’ve started to work with OffSet Earth, a company that focuses on reducing people’s carbon footprint by planting trees and helping organizations that need it most. 

In just 4 months of working with them, the team have offset 10.5 tonnes of Co2 (which is equivalent to 8 long haul flights, 32 meters of ice saved and 26,051miles driven in a car.) 

Visit our forest here –

Recycling and using less paper

We keep all our documents and project work on platforms like Google Drive, as well as using checklists and project management systems like Asana. This keeps our paper usage down to a minimum and helps the team stay more organized and have everything more accessible. 

When we do need to use paper, we use recycled! 

Supporting and investing in more vegan/eco-friendly companies

Vegan and Eco-friendly companies are doing some really fantastic things right now, and it’s so important to show your support and help spread their message as much as we can. 

This being through the food industry or using energy-efficient suppliers like our power company, internet provider, etc.

Being sustainable is very important to us and a long term value that we aim to build on over time. We encourage you to make some smarter choices in your day to day lives where you can, maybe that’s taking your own bag to the store, or not using single-use coffee cups.

You too could join us in making that bigger impact to help our planet.