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How to Download a PWA on an iOS Device

The accessibility of PWA's not only in Android formats but iOS as well.
Jessica Richards

Have you got an iPhone and ever wondered how to download a Progressive Web App? Well we’ve made a tutorial to help you do just that, it is super easy and doesn’t take long at all.



  • So first you’re going to want to launch your Safari app and go to your chosen website e.g
  • Once your site has loaded, there should be a share button at the bottom of the screen you’re going to want to click that
  • Then scroll along until you find the ‘Add to home screen’ button and click that.
  • A pop up will then appear asking you what you’d like to name your app, after you have done that click ‘Add’ in the right hand corner.
  • If you then go back to your home screen the icon for your new PWA should be right there.


In terms of iOS devices being fully functional as a Progressive Web App, there is still a while for it to go. But for it now to be able to do this, shows that it’s moving in the right direction.