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How to avoid the WFH burnout

Beat the productivity drop, and stay motivated while working from home.
Jessica Richards

Has zoom calls and coffee meetings in the comfort of your own kitchen gotten old? I think we’re all starting to reach that point of working from home where we’re becoming burned out, and struggling to stay productive.

And I’m sure you’ve all heard the usual tips, so we’re here with some new ways to stay motivated and avoid the inevitable burn out.

Identify priorities in the morning 

Before your day begins to plan out your priorities and what needs to be done first, use your calendar to stay organized. 

Create a “virtual commute time” 

For some of us our daily commute could have been a time to read, meditate, or even exercise, and working from home could take this time away from most of us. So it can be helpful to block out half an hour during the morning or evening to have your “commute”, take some time for yourself. 

Adding greenery into your space 

You’d be surprised how adding some greenery into your working environment can increase productivity and calmness.

Adding some nature into your space, and taking the time to have a clean and make your workspace neat helps massively.

Movement and exercises

Exercise, move around, take a walk! We’ve all spent more time than we normally would sitting down, and it’s important for our physical and mental wellbeing to get up and move around.

Designate some time out of your day to do some online workout classes, have a walk in the park, do some yoga, etc…

Having a designated workspace

It can be difficult to stay productive at this time, as there’s no designated workspace and it’s hard to distinguish work hours from home hours. So having a designated space for you to do your work can help with this. 

Eat lunch away from the desk 

This follows into the point of eating your lunch away from your desk this separates the working environments, and lets you switch off better while taking a break.

It can be harder to stay focused at home than the office, so having a few small breaks throughout the day can help you stay on top of things.  

Have you got any tips for staying on top of things while working from home? We’d love to hear what your thoughts are!