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Experience is KING

We talk and post a lot about Progressive Web Apps and new technology but I think we have forgotten to emphasise why. The Experience.
Rich Brassett

Tech is great… but experience is greater

Progressive web apps are great and we believe they will triumph over native apps in the not too distant future. However, something we don’t tend to talk about is how important the experience is.

This is a massive focus for us. It’s not the technology, it’s not the web app itself. The secret is in solving a problem for the user and delivering a fantastic experience.

What matters

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a good user engagement. Some of the core attributes that progressive web apps focus on are:

  • Speed
  • Access
  • Reliability
  • Consistency

PWAs allow super fast loading and offline access for content delivery regardless of connection. Responsive templates are also more important than ever to give a consistent journey on all devices.

Visual appearance is obviously another massive factor in delivering experience but is probably left for another post.


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Creating purpose & genuine need

It’s easier now more than ever to quickly implement some new development or visual techniques and produce some content or campaign piece. This leads to gimmicks and producing work purely to show off new creative. While its nice to see fun VR and AR projects, the practical examples are harder to find, but are actually really valuable experiences.

If we really concentrate on why we’re using the technology and what problem we’re trying to solve then the experience will really count for something.

The opportunity Progressive Web Apps offer

The relative cost efficient development of Progressive Web Apps, against the equivalent multi platform native apps, means budgets can be saved or actually used on developing the user experience.

For smaller companies or limited budgets this means you can deliver great experiences and compete with larger brands, spending vast sums.

Experience is KING