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It means transition and transformation, and about change

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Liminal are an international team of expert communicators specialised in working with financial services clients. They understand what it means for your business to communicate successfully, and how to make that happen.

Offering strategy, media, digital, training and and content services, the team approached us to help with the launch of the new website.

The brief

The team were tasked with completing the development of the new Liminal website that had already been designed and partially built. Managing Director, Julien Rea wanted to enhance the Liminal experience across all devices and get some consistency to the presentation and the animation, to make sure it correctly represented their service.

The approach

We needed to get a good understanding of what the finished site wanted to be and compare that to what we had to work with. This meant having to strip things back, look at things from a different angle and challenge the Liminal team to re-focus and work with us to develop a revised brief.

The fresh set of eyes worked really well to extract the core things that would make the website really work. Animation was key, but making it more subtle and consistent was the way to achieve this. Then it was down to getting a hierarchy of titles and content in place that allow users to flow through the pages and subconsciously understand the system.

The results

Our initial breakdown of the brief and new approach to presenting Liminal resulted in a coherent style across the site, with subtle but effective animation that brought life to the pages without becoming distracting.

Position of titles and presentation of paragraphs and key actions provided the structure and style for a consistent experience that was followed through across mobile devices, while allowing featured content to have its own character within certain pages.

The team at KING impressed right from the start: they quickly understood what we were looking to achieve and weren't afraid to push back on ideas they didn't think would work, which was particularly valuable to us. We're very pleased with the result from both a design and build perspective, so would wholeheartedly recommend!

Julien Rea MANAGING DIRECTOR - Liminal
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