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BookerDJ Website & Progressive Web App

Need someone to pack the dancefloor? Who ya gonna call?

client Booker DJ category Web App, Website live website are a full-service DJ agency connecting event planners with a thoroughly vetted, professional roster of DJs able to facilitate both DJ curation and technical set up. BookerDJ is run by two friends and colleagues with over 20 years experience combined.

the brief

We were asked to breathe life and style in to the existing website and brand, engage with their audience and drive enquiries and DJ registration. Some fresh thinking was required to give the website the attitude that BookerDJ wanted and keep the focus on the business objectives.

the approach

We wanted to strip back the usual website experience and really focus on the main calls to action; booking a DJ for an event or attract the best DJ’s on to the platform.

Our approach was to create a single page site that had clear messaging, identified the audience and gave them a way to engage. Removing the typical menu navigation and multiple pages we wanted to make it more interface led and use the screen space in a different way.

We also wanted to start making the most of the Progressive Web App tech and allow bar managers to have BookerDJ available from their mobile home screens.

the results

We created two visually different areas of the site and focused the initial call to action on bar & club managers. With two clear messages we teach the audience what the service is about and how to engage. This leads to a quick data capture form that sends through an enquiry to the team.

The second side of the service is facilitating the talent pool of DJ’s within different geographic areas and genres of music. Animation and image effects have really lifted the site and given it the character appropriate to the industry.

The Progressive Web App provides a super quick way for the bar & club managers to get in touch with the team. Visit the mobile site ( on an Android device to download the web app and give it a try.

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