Digital sustainability for the good of the planet.

While we continue work on our new website we wanted to share a little about our purpose and what we’re doing about it.

Every year the internet produces a billion tonnes of CO2

Data and bandwidth are now promoted in ‘Unlimited’ packages and our consumption of digital content keeps up with the ever-expanding availabillty.

Our goal is to reduce the energy consuption of those digital channels and challenge all of us to think about how we use the internet overall.

We plan to present our targets and timelines as part of our full website launch.

Watch this space.

So let’s start making some significant changes together

  • Sustainability Audit

    Find out how well your website or application is performing and how to make it reduce its footprint.

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  • Wordpress Performance

    Fine tune your website to reduce its footprint, improve speed and start monitoring its security.

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  • Automation

    A tailored online system is a great way to automate your business, saving time and energy while delivering business goals.

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  • Monthly Maintenance

    Websites and Apps change a lot so a regular review and tidy up is key to keep performance optimal.

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  • Green Hosting

    Run your website or application on renewable energy and build from a sustainable foundation.

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  • Digital Best Practice

    Join the conversation on our social channels and find out how we can all make the small changes count.

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We’d love to speak with you.

To talk about an existing website or application, something completely new or to discuss your hosting requirements please get in touch.