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Digital SustainabilityBest practice for 2023

This website emits just 0.03g of CO2 per viewAn average website emits 1.76gScroll down to find out why

Long Live King does digital differently

Delivering leading-edge web sustainability for progressive industry leaders, we radically reduce the carbon emissions of your digital assets while amplifying your brand presence online.

Driving your business's net-zero emissions goals while pushing for positive change, and keeping ahead of the competition, can be brutal.

You need digital platforms that eclipse all others: eye-catching, fast, responsive, engaging, and persuasive online solutions.

Traditionally, web assets have included bloated images, high-quality videos, and overly complicated coding to achieve this. These conventional options can be beautiful but require excessive amounts of electricity. This means they silently create tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions.

Bold future-forward businesses need fresh and clean digital alternatives.

A premium sustainable web platform should not only strengthen your brand, enable high-speed business automation, and provide exceptional user experiences, but keep your carbon footprint to a minimum too.

That's a tall order for most mainstream digital agencies. We aren't mainstream.

But how bad can Digital Carbon really be?

The internet's carbon footprint isn't common knowledge, but it's directly linked to our purpose. So, many people ask us what it's all about, and this is what we tell them:

Scientifically verified data tells us the internet is directly responsible for annual CO2 emissions of over a billion tonnes. That's the equivalent of launching 3.3 million rockets into space every year!

And it's increasing daily, largely thanks to digital inefficiencies. This is wasted energy the world can't afford to lose. Releasing carbon we can't control. Putting our people and our planet at risk.

We're working to make the web sustainable by pushing the limits of conscious design and carbon-efficient development while supercharging performance.

That's why we're here. This is our mission.

Our Purpose-Led Portfolio

We're passionate about driving ethical planet-positive change.

So, everything we do for our clients is designed to enable their purpose, follow a straightforward, stress-free process, and provide optimal delivery.

Check out these examples of some of our work:

Some others we've worked with

Progressive By Design

We're proving that reducing your CO2 is not just sensible but inspiring.

Our visuals are crisp, clean, and have purpose at their core. There's a reason behind every choice: balancing white space, typography, size, colour, and content. Nothing is included for the sake of it. The user's experience, your business's goals, and your purpose are considered in every decision.

This conscious minimalist aesthetic stimulates new conversations, attracts attention, and is changing the green digital landscape.

Superior Digital Efficiency

Low carbon also means fast and sleek tech.

Behind the scenes, our expert developers ensure everything is exceptionally lightweight, efficient, and effective. We aim for your web app or website to outstrip all others in terms of loading speed, uptime, ISO compliance, and every other key performance stat.

The cutting-edge green hosting we provide is essential to tackling carbon too. We deploy the most efficient servers in the world, run on stable renewable energy. This provides a solid, fast, and earth-friendly foundation for all the platforms we deliver.

Essentially, our end-to-end care means you get an expertly crafted, innovative web platform that boosts business performance yet operates with a tiny carbon footprint.

"The relationship between our digital life and its real-world consumption is hard to connect. This ever-growing carbon footprint is largely wasted energy. Time for change."

Rich Brassett

Co-Founder of Long Live King

Your People People Partners

Long Live King's culture is rooted in humility, care, and an instinct for excellence.

Our unrelenting curiosity means we know we don't know it all. There's always something new and exciting to learn. So, we're constantly innovating, nurturing, and growing – both as individuals and as a team.

We're people people. We thrive on building bonds of understanding, trust, and collaboration between our team and our clients.

We're happy to share our knowledge too, and often provide training for clients on using their new technologies. This helps to ensure your systems work with and for your people.

Above all else, we're human beings who care about what you care about. We want to champion your purpose. So, we're laser-focused on delivering excellent value to you and your customers.

In a digital world that's constantly evolving, we're the stable, sustainable, and purpose-driven partners you need to navigate every change.

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